Buderus Guss – An employer with broad perspectives

As an internationally established company, Buderuss Guss is also the jobs driver for an economically flourishing region. Moreover, with our top-performing employees as the cornerstone, we have leveraged ideas and innovations to become a technological leader in the production, development and processing of car brake discs. No wonder our employees feel an unrivalled bond with the company. Our corporate culture and a business strategy targeting sustainable growth are what make Buderus Guss a secure and appealing employer.
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Our business

Welcome to Buderus Guss GmbH, the leading car brake disc manufacturers in Europe and a development partner and supplier to the international automotive industry.
Since 1991, we have steadily expanded our Breidenbach base in Hessen and successfully specialised in making pre-finished brake discs. Buderus Guss now leads the European market in developing, manufacturing and processing car brake discs.
Our motivated team of specialists and the ideas, innovation and cutting-edge automated production methods we offer make us a key partner for our international automotive industry customers.
Buderus Guss is synonymous with the finest materials, the latest production methods and exceptional quality; combining safety and perfection with tradition.
We supply all major car makers in Europe with car brake discs as original equipment and for original spare parts procurement.
Since 2003, Buderus Guss GmbH has been a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH and is now assigned in the Chassis Systems Control business field.