Heat transfer on brake disc

Did you know …,

that in extreme cases, while braking, the braking power exerted may be several times the maximum engine output?


Brake discs have to withstand the harshest of conditions!


90 percent of the heat generated in the braking process initially penetrates the brake disc, where it is virtually stored for a moment, before being discharged again into the surrounding environment. The brake disc functions like a heat exchanger, but only has a limited capacity for heat absorption. To avoid damage due to overheating, the heat must be discharged into the surrounding air as soon as possible.

Ventilated brake discs have a far larger surface area than solid brake discs and one which is far better suited to facilitate this heat exchange process.

The friction rings are interconnected via bars in the form of ribs or studs. Rotation generates air suction, which in turn sucks the air from inside the brake disc via the ventilation duct and outside. The air which comes into contact with the brake disc surface during this process absorbs heat energy and dissipates it externally.

Brake discs by Buderus Guss

Around 20 million brake discs and brake drums leave our Breidenbach factory each year, machined to be installation-ready or as unfinished cast parts, destined for vehicle industry production lines; to be installed in suspension strut modules or rear axles.
Buderus Guss supplies one fifth of Europe’s demand for car brake discs and remains the market leader in this field.
As well as virtually all German automotive manufacturers, our customers also include European, Japanese and Korean carmakers.
Our production centres on ventilated brake discs as basic equipment and supplying original spare parts for cars and small vans.

It’s all about disks for us – the Buderus brake disc, which we have spent decades pioneering.


One-piece brake discs including versions of

  • ventilated brake discs

  • solid brake discs

Multi-part brake discs 

  • Lightweight brake discs featuring a combination of a cast iron friction ring and an aluminium hat 

Long life brake discs

  • iDisc