From charging to shipping

watch here how brake discs from Buderus Guss take shape.



Since 1990, production at Buderus Guss has been focused on car brake discs and work to expand the foundry and processing capacities in 2011 helped consolidate the company as a leading brake disc supplier and development partner to the automotive industry. The Breidenbach factory, home to Buderus Guss GmbH, is one of the most modern iron foundries for car brake discs in Europe.

A fully automated core-making shop, high-performance smelters with an hourly capacity of 47 tonnes, five fully automated vertical moulding plants, automatic core setters, auto-controlled blanks as well as 14 fully automated production lines are key to ensuring the steel scrap and returns become solid and ventilated brake discs, which meet the most stringent customer quality requirements.