“Our customers set the benchmark where the quality of Buderus Guss brake discs is concerned and we prioritise preventing errors over rectifying them. For us, quality assurance measures and production employing controlled manufacturing processes are a matter of course. We operate in accordance with the zero-error strategy.”


Quality – the basis for what we do

Delivering products faultlessly is key to customer satisfaction and all aspects of our quality management focus on meeting this requirement. Consistently delivering product and process quality have paved the way for what we have become – a reliable automotive industry partner now aiming beyond Europe.


All production phases at Buderus Guss are monitored, which helps maintain the high quality of the brake discs we manufacture. Indeed, each individual production step is checked and documented using specific tests and the scope of quality checks ranges from raw material to brake discs ready for dispatch.


To ensure consistent delivery quality, an image processing system is used to check each individual brake disc in a procedure which also draws on well-known imaging methods from 2D- and 3D technology domains. Thanks to this world-first system, Buderus Guss ensures its technology remains ahead of the competition, while also guaranteeing optimal quality to the end customer.


Buderus Guss is certified in accordance with IATF 16949:2016.