Environmental protection at Buderus Guss means:

  • Conserving resources by recycling
  • CO2 emission reduction by saving energy
  • Minimising stresses imposed on nature and people by leveraging cutting-edge technologies
  • Recultivating former landfill sites

Dust removal facility

Six million Euros for environmental protection

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The environment – Responsibility for people and nature

Responsibility for our environment is inextricably linked to the values we uphold and it goes without saying that we comply with legal regulations and official directives on environmental protection.
At Buderus Guss GmbH, we have made a corporate commitment to environmental protection and consider it just as important as product quality and the efficiency of our activities. We also focus on continually improving our environment and energy management systems:
We develop our products with the environment and recycling in mind.
We strive to minimise emissions, solid and liquid waste and energy consumption in all production processes.
Our energy efficiency is optimised long-term as part of a continual process of improvement.
The raw, auxiliary and operating materials we use are environmentally friendly.
Each employee contributes individually from his/her workplace to ensuring our environmental and energy targets are met.
As one of the largest employers in the region, Buderus Guss has been investing in environmental protection measures on an ongoing basis already since the 1970s to protect nearby people from noise and exhaust air. The measures taken include a pioneering investment in a dust removal facility; a cutting-edge gas purification plant for cupola furnaces in Europe since 2010, which ensures all exhaust gases generating during smelting can be completely channelled away. Moreover, heat is provided for lobbies and service water via the installed heat recovery unit.
In 2016, Buderus Guss successfully passed a combined audit covering environmental protection, energy and occupational protection. As the certification confirms, we proudly make environmental and climate protection and the health of all our employees a top priority.
Environment management system 14001
Energy management system 50001
Employment protection management system 18001