Agencies through Huppert Engineering

Asia /Pacific

China (Shanghai und Beijing)

Mr. Zhenguo Ma


Japan (Tokyo)

Mr. Toshiyuki Kuwabara


South Korea (Seoul)

Mr. Hojin Park



Thailand (Rayong)

Mr. Mongkol Artipanu



US (Detroit)

Mr. Joe Groedl



Brazil (Sao Paulo)

Mrs. Silvia Richieri


Think globally, act globally

As a partner of the international automotive industry for the development and manufacture of car brake discs, Buderus Guss has a global presence.


We work together with competent engineers and technicians in China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, the US and South America. Through an efficient and internationally networked communication system, we ensure that our products and spare parts are made available to our customers anywhere and at any time.