We manufacture reliable products that save lives and keep people from harm. Our brake discs continue to meet the most stringent requirements; regardless of circumstances and no matter how extreme the stresses imposed.

The Buderus Guss mission

We produce and develop conventional and innovative brake discs, which are key safety system components. As well as saving lives, they facilitate comfortable and confident driving.
We constantly strive to adapt our products, skill sets, partnerships and global standards to meet the requirements of our automotive industry customers.
Employees and processes
We optimise all processes consistently and continually. We also ensure our in-house expertise and knowledge is tailored toward customer requirements, to operate swifter and more effectively.
Global growth
We are expanding within existing and new markets, while also ensuring our international sites remain optimally competitive.
Business excellence
We go the extra mile by applying the EFQM business excellence model, which guarantees our systems and methods are world-class.