An exciting century

The story of how a small cupola furnace foundry in rural Hessen has today become a multinational in the form of Buderus Guss is an exciting one and encompasses four generations.

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Our history

It was 1963 when the first brake discs came off the Breidenbach factory production line; solid discs made of grey cast iron, a step which already put us ahead of the game, since the history of vehicles in Germany being fitted with disc brakes as standard or an optional extra is surprisingly recent: 1959 was the first year in which a German car maker supplied a vehicle model with disc brakes.
In 2013, the Breidenbach factory, home to Buderus Guss, celebrated its centenary, while further cause for celebration the same year was our successful half-century as a brake disc manufacturer.
We consider tradition our catalyst for the future, which we ceaselessly strive to shape under the Buderus Guss banner, as a Robert Bosch GmbH subsidiary.


The Breidenbach Works was founded in 1913 as a cupola furnace foundry by the largest employer in the Upper Hesse region at that time, the Hessen-Nassauischen Hüttenverein.


The oldest surviving staff photo shows the foundry workers in 1917.

Read a short summary of how the works became a Buderus foundry, developed into a supplier to the automotive industry, was enlarged, became specialised in automobile casting and ultimately concentrated its activities on the manufacturing and development of motor car brake discs here:“Review of the path to the future“.