A first-class innovation – the iDisc

 “i“ stands for innovative and nothing would be more apt for the latest development from Buderus Guss, giving premium vehicles an alternative to gray iron and ceramic brake disks.


Since the iDisc features friction rings with hard metal coatings, the brake disk remains corrosion-free.

Innovative products

The growing importance of energy-saving means that lightweight construction is becoming a key field for research and development work in the automotive industry.

Buderus Guss once again delivers the goods here, with its innovative lightweight brake discs.


Buderus lightweight brake discs achieve weight savings up to 20 percent while retaining all the material characteristics and basic construction principles that keep this component a flawless performer in your vehicle. In fact – the reduced mass of Buderus lightweight brake discs gives them even better thermal performance, while maintaining the high stability of the friction ring when subjected to thermomechanical stress and an even sturdier brake disc hat, thanks to the joining technology of the friction ring.


The newest Buderus Guss product is the iDisc – a brake disk which is somewhere between the conventional gray iron brake disc and its ceramic brake disc cousin.