Foundry and the environment

Find out more about how Buderus Guss prioritises environmental protection here


Foundry fascination

High technology meets untameable force – the foundry remains just as compelling today as it ever was.Molten iron is also something quite special.Check out some pictures from the Buderus Guss foundry

The foundry – At the heart of production

The quality and productivity of our plants are what optimally ensure 20 million cast parts can leave our factory each year.
The set of procedures for manufacturing brake discs are characterised by specialised and coordinated processes. Short transport routes, carefully tailored production stage capacities and flexibility all underpin our high productivity.

Automatic core production
6 Cool-box core production centres with automated core handling
High-rack core depot with a capacity of 20,000 cores
Fully automatic core transport to moulding plants

Moulding material preparation
Computer-controlled processing of clay-bonded moulding material
3 automatic vacuum mixers

4 medium-frequency crucible furnaces
1 unlined water-cooled hot-blast cupola furnace
1 mains frequency channel-type induction furnaces
4 mains frequency crucible furnaces
The smelting output is currently 260,000 tonnes of molten iron per year, which Buderus Guss makes exclusively using steel scrap and returns.

Moulding and casting
 6 fully automated vertical moulding plants
 6 induction-heated casting furnaces
 Camera-controlled fully automatic casting stopper controls
 Laser-controlled casting stopper control

Raw casting finishing
Blasting and grinding in a through-feed process with four countinous rocker Barrel

Automatic visual inspection of brake discs with 4 triangular laser camera systems
Automatic robot-driven packaging of brake discs