Coating to protect brake discs

As required or requested by a customer, the finished brake discs may be painted, with a range of options available at current coating plants. Here, the preferred products are zinc dust paint, Geomet® (silver) and Senotherm (black).
Such coatings not only offer long-lasting corrosion protection but also enhance the appearance of the brake disc immeasurably.

Brake discs coated with Geomet®


Mechanical processing – flexibility and perfection

Our Breidenbach and Ludwigshütte sites are where 14 fully automated production lines with Eigenfrequency measuring- and DataMatrix-Code Marking system process our raw cast parts into pre-finished brake discs while ensuring compliance with the most stringent production tolerances and checking devices that remain 100 percent available.

The stand-out features of Buderus Guss mechanical processing:

Large unit quantities with the compliance of production tolerances in the range of 1/1000mm

Full automatic brake disc production with famous plant manufacturers

The most advanced production technology with no more than four machining sequences during the turning/grinding process

Customer-specific clamping systems and finish processing

Finishprocess: our customers have the choice to get brake discs in precision turning as well as grinding completion

Fully automatic in-process measuring machines and documentation

The most advanced coating plant for Geomet-coating in Europe in place

Nine steps - from raw part to brake disc ready for dispatch
Mechanical production sequence