Health management

Both the innovative health management provided by Buderus Guss and the health working group established four years ago offer a wide scope of health-promotion measures. Our in-house medical services provide occupational medical preventive check-ups and general advice on health-related topics.
During the yearly taking place health days different subject areas are taken up on the subject Health and are deepened in a supporting programme.

More than work alone – Reconciling work and family

We take pride in having motivated employees, who enjoy working with us and feeling good into the bargain! Of course, getting to this point involves more than “just” pure work.
Our health-promotion measures help ensure our employees remain in good shape, while Buderus Guss goes even further in striving hard to help reconcile occupational and family interests and encouraging all employees individually, regardless of their particular “phase of life”.
Adopting a flexible attitude to working hours and location and taking individual lifestyles into account helps us reduce the number of hours worked for our employees and allow telecommuting or time out for childcare or to nurse family members. We are determined to help you achieve and maintain professional success, which is why we do our utmost to seamlessly reconcile professional and working life as a forward-looking company with individual solutions.
Buderus Guss is proud of the exceptional loyalty of its employees, and ceremonies marking 40 years of company service are not unusual. But we also have a wealth of younger employees, who have taken their first steps on the career ladder with us as part of a training course, internship or dual educational course. When it comes to support, age is irrelevant! Rather than age, we encourage and support our staff members based on their individual needs.