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Dissertations and internships – Chances you should take!


Succeeding in study will open up abundant perspectives for you. We complement the theoretical component with our hands-on practice scheme, which gives you a real insider view, as you will be immediately involved with real projects, which are directly relevant to everyday working life. We offer dissertations in a range of fields, and do all we can to support your dissertation work through our professional and managerial staff. You will receive individual guidance during your work and have the opportunity to widen your scope of experiences as well as express your own personality and expertise. Dissertations involving full-time attendance will involve appropriate remuneration for the work performed.



To let you put what you’ve learned into practice and review it, we offer industrial placements during your period of study.

In fact, you can enjoy practically leveraging your theoretical knowledge in interesting tasks in all areas, including:

- in technical fields- Technical planning/Environmental protection

- Accounting/Controlling

- Balances/Finance- Personnel

- Materials Management/Purchasing/IT

- In the sales department

The prerequisite for an internship at Buderus Guss is completion of basic studies (economic sciences, engineering, etc.), as the cornerstone for your chosen field of work. Plus, we aim to ensure the knowledge you gain from the main course of study can be leveraged to help you in more extensive project tasks.

We expect you to spend a minimum of 6 weeks on your internship.