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Welcome to Buderus Guss GmbH, a company of the Bosch Brake Components product division

Buderus Guss is Europe's market leader for car brake discs, development partner and supplier to the international automotive industry.

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About Buderus Guss

Buderus Guss is the European market leader in the development, manufacture and machining of car brake discs and a supplier to the international automotive industry.


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Development partner and idea provider

With the continuous development and expansion of its brake disc product portfolio, Buderus Guss is successfully pursuing its goal of producing premium quality brake discs for the changing requirements of customers under sustainable criteria. Innovations for future mobility are developed with strong partners.


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European market leader for car brake discs

Around 18 million OEM car brake discs leave the Breidenbach plant each year, machined to be installation-ready or as unfinished cast parts, destined for vehicle industry production lines; to be installed in suspension strut modules or rear axles.