Buderus Guss - Facts and figures

Facts and figures



Since 2005 subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH


Breidenbach and Ludwigshütte (Hesse, Germany)


About 700

Training professions

5 (industrial clerk, industrial mechanic, foundry mechanic, electronics technician, machine and plant operator)

Dual study programmes

4 (Industrial Engineering and Management (majoring in mechanical or electrical engineering), Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering - Shaping - majoring in Foundry Technology, Materials Technology - Foundry Technology)


Massive and ventilated car brake discs


20 million castings per year

Melting capacity

260,000 t per year

  • Market leader of OEM car brake discs in Europe
  • Leading in process technology, quality and cost leadership and product innovations
  • Short development times through to series maturity
  • Large series with tightest manufacturing tolerances
  • High degree of automation
  • Leading in mechanical processing for passenger car brake discs
  • All relevant surface finishes available
  • Coating: Application of zinc dust paint, Geomet® (silver), Senotherm (black) and tungsten carbide
  • Many years of development competence in material development and brake disc design, partly with cooperation partners
  • Innovations: Lightweight brake discs, iDisc®



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