Buderus Guss - Purchasing

Welcome to the purchasing department of Buderus Guss

We deliver innovative and high quality products to our customers every day. Constant customer satisfaction is our highest goal. When procuring goods and services, we are guided exclusively by the goals and requirements of our customers.

In order to maintain this standard and constantly develop it further, we have high expectations of suppliers and service providers.

We select suppliers who, with their know-how and on the basis of their market position, can work with us to exploit all economic potential in the purchasing process and contribute to long-term success by increasing productivity and avoiding waste.

High quality awareness and on-schedule fulfilment of requirements are a prerequisite.


Markus Scheele, Purchasing Manager
Thiemo Pfaff

Phone: +49 6465-62-481 or -454
Fax: +49 6465-62-473
e-mail: beschaffungguss.buderus.LÖSCHEN.de

Documents for suppliers:

Terms and conditions of purchase
Supplementary Terms and Conditions of Purchase for Services and Works
Agreement on quality and corporate social responsibility

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