Brake Discs

Buderus Guss - European market leader for car brake discs

Around 18 million OEM car brake discs leave the Breidenbach plant each year, machined to be installation-ready or as unfinished cast parts, destined for vehicle industry production lines; to be installed in suspension strut modules or rear axles.

Buderus Guss covers 20 percent of European demand for passenger car brake discs and thus maintains its market leadership in this sector. Production focuses on ventilated brake discs for original equipment and original spare parts for passenger cars and vans.

All relevant coatings are available for protecting the surfaces of Buderus Guss brake discs: Application of zinc dust paint, Geomet® (silver) and Senotherm (black). Coatings protect against corrosion and offer an attractive appearance in the long term, even with open rims.

For hard metal coating with tungsten carbide (for the iDisc®): Link to iDisc


Product range

  • One-piece brake discs, ventilated and solid                   
  • Multi-part brake discs, lightweight brake discs               
  • Innovative brake discs -iDisc®
Buderus-Guss - Konventionelle Bremsscheiben

Conventional brake discs


Buderus-Guss - Innovative Bremsscheiben

Lightweight brake discs


Buderus-Guss - iDisc<sup>®</sup> Bremsscheiben

Innovative brake discs iDisc®


Development partner and idea provider

With the continuous development and expansion of its brake disc product portfolio, Buderus Guss is successfully pursuing its goal of producing premium quality brake discs for the changing requirements of customers under sustainable criteria. Innovations for future mobility are developed with strong partners.

We know what we are doing

With our engineering competence, we accompany the customer through the entire process chain: starting with the CAD design up to sample parts and the testing of the prototypes on our own dynamometer test centers to obtain road clearance.

Buderus Guss GmbH - dynamometer test center
Two dynamometer test centers at the Ludwigshütte location for component testing of wheel brakes for passenger cars, sports cars, armoured special protection vehicles and light commercial vehicles up to 4.5 t gross vehicle weight

Prototypes for test purposes can be realized in the shortest possible time and already the first casting corresponds to a later series production, since the molding and casting process is carried out on the series equipment. The results of the testing are completely transferable to the series parts.

Buderus Guss GmbH - development expertise
From design to the release of prototypes for road use - Buderus Guss offers development expertise in one package.

Materials Competence

Buderus Guss is a pioneer in the development of improved brake disc materials. Not only the material EN-GJL-150 HC, which has been proven a million times over to this day (series status at many vehicle manufacturers), was developed by Buderus Guss, but also the material EN-GJL-150 HClSi (Buderus Guss patent). Due to its extremely high load-bearing capacity, this material opens up new perspectives for the further development of lightweight brake discs.

Future-oriented, environmentally friendly brake technology

Buderus Guss has played a decisive role in the development of lightweight brake discs, a segment that will become increasingly important in the future …

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The development of the iDisc®, which sets completely new standards with its tungsten carbide hard metal coating, is groundbreaking for the future of clean braking.

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