August 2020

Winning the Audi MLBw platform

Buderus Guss was awarded the contract for the new Audi MLBw platform.

The start of series production is planned for April 2023.

MLBw is the successor platform to MLBevo, for which Buderus Guss is also a series supplier.


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New robot increases painting capacity

A second painting robot went into operation at the Buderus Guss site in Ludwigshütte at the end of June 2020. Mainly to increase the painting capacity for coating aluminium features.


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Machining line for lightweight brake discs

Despite corona-related delays, the development of the machining line for lightweight brake discs is making good progress. All machines have been delivered. The SOP for the fully automated line with high complexity is now scheduled for October 2021.


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New robot increases painting capacity
New robot increases painting capacity

April 2020

New machining line for lightweight brake discs

The new machining line for lightweight composite brake discs will go into operation in early May 2020. The mega-project will deepen the entry into the field of lightweight construction concepts at the Lollar site of Buderus Guss cooperation partner Robert Bosch Lollar Guss GmbH and open up trend-setting perspectives. Lightweight brake discs are gaining ground in the product portfolio of Buderus Guss GmbH and its cooperation partner. 

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December 2019

Ludwigshütte - Capacity expanded in all process steps

Following the successful auditing of the second HVOF system for the carbide coating of the innovative "iDisc®" brake disc and another new grinding system, as well as the expansion of the capacity of the pre-turned bar, which was already completed in May 2019, the machining capacities at Buderus Guss-Technologies Location Ludwigshütte are ready to meet the demands of the future.

The investment guarantees the further series start-up of the iDisc®


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August 2019

Family Day at Buderus Guss in Breidenbach

Family Day on August 31, 2019 - in brilliant sunshine and temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius, more than 600 guests enjoyed the numerous attractions, good food and refreshing drinks on the fairground in front of the Breidenbach plant. Managing Director Gerhard Pfeifer welcomed employees, family members and friends and thanked the many helpers who had made this day possible.


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Buderus-Guss - Family Day August 2019

June 2019

Optimised use of resources thanks to new casting furnace control system

Buderus Guss is equipping the moulding systems at the Breidenbach casting house site with laser and camera-guided casting furnace control systems, with active additive monitoring.
This facilitates not only increased production, but also the optimised use of resources, because it reduces molten iron consumption.


New casting furnace control system for moulding systems
New casting furnace control system for moulding systems

March 2019

Timo Benner – New Head of Sales

On 1 January 2019, Timo Benner took over the management of Sales, Project Management and Product Validation at Buderus Guss.
Benner is a business engineer, specialising in mechanical engineering, and has an MBA. He has been with the company since 2014.


Buderus Guss - On 1 January 2019, Timo Benner took over the management of Sales
Buderus Guss - On 1 January 2019, Timo Benner took over the management of Sales

Proven development skills: New lightweight brake discs from Buderus Guss

Since the end of 2018, the Buderus Guss site at Ludwigshütte has been developing lightweight brake discs for Mercedes-AMG GmbH, the manufacturer of high-performance vehicles from Affalterbach.

The lightweight brake discs are being developed entirely at the Ludwigshütte site near Biedenkopf – from design and simulation through to testing on the company’s own inertia dynamometer test stands.

The new lightweight brake disc is of the “pin disc” design.  The production of the prototypes began in March 2019, with these being manufactured by Buderus Guss’ partner company Robert Bosch Lollar Guss GmbH.

September 2018


Packaging times and gripper tools optimised

In mid-August 2018 two modified packaging cells were put into operation at Buderus Guss, in Foundry II of the Breidenbach Plant. They ensure even better compliance with the packaging regulations and optimisation of the gripper tools.

Two further robots were put into operation and, instead of blade grippers, magnet grippers were installed, which pick up each brake disk individually and place it according to the prescribed packaging pattern.

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Transparency right across plant logistics

To ensure optimal product delivery for internal logistics efforts, Buderus Guss has invested in a transport control system (TLS), which is based on SAP Warehouse Management. This investment has brought the area of internal plant material flow in line with the state of the art of technology.

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IATF audit passed

The automotive standard IATF 16949 is one of the most rigorous and demanding certifications, because it places the highest requirements on system and process quality.  In June 2018 the auditors came to the Breidenbach facility to audit the company according to the new requirements of IATF 16949:2016.  The audit returned a positive result, so the transition to the new standard could be executed at the Breidenbach facility without any problems.


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EuroBrake 2018

For the fourth time Buderus Guss put in an appearance at EuroBrake, the largest international forum for brake experts for passenger vehicles, utility vehicles, railway transport, aviation and aerospace and industry and science. The presentation focused on the iDisc® and the award of the German Innovation Prize. Numerous trade visitors showed great interest in the benefits and properties of the carbide-coated brake disc, and all the well-known international and national OEMs paid a visit to the Buderus Guss stand.

June 2018


iDisc® wins the German Innovation Prize

After scooping up the Robert Bosch Innovation Award for the ‘Products and Technology’ category in December 2017‚ the triumphal success of the iDisc® has continued with the brilliant brake disc winning the Deutsche Innovationspreis (German Innovation Prize) in the ‘Medium-sized Business’ category.

The prize, awarded on 13 April 2018 in Munich, distinguished the top German innovations in ‘Large Business’, ‘Medium-sized Business’ and ‘Start-up’ categories.

Winning the German Innovation Prize is a high point for the iDisc®, and public recognition of approximately 10 years of research and development work alongside Bosch. It also shows how important carbide coated brake discs are becoming in the technical innovation landscape.


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Buderus Guss invests in iDisc® coating capacity

A new robot-assisted coating line has been in operation at the Buderus Guss facility in Ludwigshütte since March 2018, using the HVOF (high velocity oxygen fuel) process to apply a carbide coating to the friction rings of the iDisc®.

The 1.6 million investment doubles coating capacity so that the iDisc® can ramp up to series production.

A further line is in progress and will provide another boost to coating capacity in the coming year.

March 2018


iDisc® accorded the Robert Bosch Innovation Award

At the Executive Forum, the most important strategy meeting of the top 500 worldwide Bosch managers, Dr. Volkmar Denner, CEO of the Bosch Executive Board, conferred the Innovation Awards 2017. Three award winners were in the category "Products and Technology". Die iDisc®, as a fine particulate matter reducing brake disc, received the first prize.


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