iDisc® - Innovation in a class of its own

Less brake dust, low-wear and durable

 "i" stands for innovative. Together with Bosch, Buderus Guss has developed the iDisc® and set the tone for clean braking.

The iDisc® is a hard metal coated brake disc. It is wear-resistant, has a long service life, visual elegance and very good performance. The iDisc® ensures significantly less brake abrasion. Compared with conventional brake discs, the iDisc® generates up to 90 percent less brake dust.

The iDisc® is manufactured in series at the technology location Ludwigshütte.

The hard metal coating of the iDisc<sup>®</sup> is applied by flame spraying
The hard metal coating of the iDisc® is applied by flame spraying

In 2017, the world's first and only carbide-coated brake disc received the Robert Bosch Innovation Award in the "Products and Technology" category and in 2018, Buderus Guss was awarded the German Innovation Prize in the "Medium-Sized Businesses" category for its iDisc®.
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Corrosion free and wear resistant - Clean and shiny design - Increase of fading stability - Minimization of brake dust

With its hard metal coating, the iDisc® lowers brake abrasion and thus reduces particle emissions.

The iDisc® ensures stable deceleration performance even during fast successive braking manoeuvres.

Thanks to its coating, the brake disc is particularly low-wear and durable. Depending on the coating thickness, the iDisc® lasts twice as long as a normal brake disc.

The coating prevents dirty rims and inspires with its permanently shiny surface.

From electric cars to commercial vehicles, the iDisc® is suitable for all types of vehicles.

Added value for e-mobility

The iDisc® is not susceptible to corrosion. This is an advantage for all cars, but especially for electric cars. Because of braking energy recovery (recuperation), they put less strain on the brakes and therefore repeatedly have to contend with flash rust formation on the friction rings of conventional brake discs. This is temporarily associated with a slightly poorer response behavior when braking. This is not the case with the iDisc®.


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It is not only products such as lightweight brake discs and the iDisc® that show what the green path to the future looks like at Buderus Guss, but also the production processes with energy-efficient systems and the environmental protection concept anchored in the value awareness of Buderus Guss.

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