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Dual studies and StudiumPlus at Buderus Guss

Buderus Guss is a pioneer in the development of lightweight brake discs and has launched a globally unique innovation with the iDisc® brake disc, which reduces fine dust. Buderus Guss is also a leader in the mechanical machining of car brake discs and, with its products and their manufacture, is taking the green road to the future of more environmentally friendly mobility.


A dual course of study with Buderus Guss gives you the chance to become a part of this future and to combine practice and theory.

While you are studying, you will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge you have acquired directly in business practice. Our goal for you: Preparation for taking on a specialist or management position in one of our divisions.

We offer this dual course of study for the subject area "Materials Technology - Foundry Technology".

Learn more ... https://tu-freiberg.de/studium/studienangebot/giessereitechnik-bachelor


The StudiumPlus (Hessen) is a combination of studies at the Technical University of Central Hessen (THM) and practical phases in the company. This combination guarantees a high degree of practical relevance.

Prerequisites are the general university entrance qualification, entrance qualification for studies at universities of applied sciences or a previous education recognised as equivalent by the Hessian Ministry of Culture as well as a study contract which you conclude with us.

During the practical phases, you will work independently on your own projects in a permanent department and quickly learn to put your specialist knowledge into practice. During the term of your contract, you will receive a monthly salary from Buderus Guss based on the Bafög (German student loan association). This remuneration is also paid during the study phases.


At Buderus Guss, you can complete your StudiumPlus in the following subject areas:

Industrial engineering - field of study mechanical engineering

Learn more ... https://www.studiumplus.de/sp/duales-studium/studienangebote/ingenieurwesen-maschinenbau/iw-mb-formgebung.html

Engineering - Mechanical engineering/forming - Foundry technology

Learn more ... https://www.studiumplus.de/sp/duales-studium/studienangebote/ingenieurwesen-maschinenbau/iw-mb-formgebung.html


Further information about StudiumPlus at the Technical University of Central Hessen can be found at https://www.studiumplus.de/sp/