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Internships and theses


We offer dissertations in various fields and attach great importance to the optimal supervision of your dissertation by our specialists and managers.

Your successful studies will open up good prospects for you. We complement theory with our practical experience. This will give you a qualified overview, because you will immediately work on concrete projects and be involved in day-to-day business.

During your employment you will be individually supported and given the opportunity to gain experience and to contribute your personality and know-how.
If you are working full-time on your thesis, you will receive an appropriate remuneration for your work.


Internships during studies

To enable you to put the knowledge you have acquired during your studies to practical use and test them, we offer you internships during your studies:

- in the technical areas-
 technical planning/ environmental protection-
 accounting/ controlling-
 balance sheets/ financing-
 human resources-
 material management/ purchasing/ IT-
 in the sales department

The prerequisite for an internship at Buderus Guss is a completed basic course of study (economics, engineering or similar), which forms the basis for your desired field of work. In addition, we would also like to have knowledge from your main studies that will enable you to work on extensive project tasks.

You should have a minimum of 6 weeks time for your internship.

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Buderus Guss GmbH
Human Resources
35236 Breidenbach
e-mail: bewerbungguss.buderus.LÖ

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Internships at Buderus Guss

Students of general education schools can complete their 2-3 week internship in our training and operating departments. The internships are offered all year round.

Pupils from technical secondary schools (business and administration) are also welcome. They can complete their one-year internship at Buderus Guss in many of the company's divisions.
All internships should be planned approximately three months in advance of the start of the internship.

For schoolchildren:

Taster internship for pupils

FOS (Economy and Administration)

Internships for career orientation

EQ (entry qualification): learn more ...

For students:

pre-study internship

Basic internship

Bachelor from 4th semester

2nd practical semester FH

Master internship/ specialized internship Uni/TH


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Buderus Guss GmbH
Human Resources
35236 Breidenbach
e-mail: bewerbungguss.buderus.LÖ

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